Wednesday, April 2, 2008

How could Obama's guys not see this?

Recently, Hilary Clinton compared herself to Rocky Balboa, like so:

Obama responded Wednesday to Clinton's comparison of herself a day earlier to Rocky Balboa, the underdog boxer from Philadelphia in the 1976 film. She said "when it comes to finishing a fight, Rocky and I have a lot in common. I never quit. I never give up."

I mean, EVERYONE remembers Rocky.. right?

So, how did Obama respond?

Obama told the union meeting: "We all love Rocky. But we've got to remember, Rocky was a movie."


Obama, you blew it!

Everyone knows what the proper answer would have been:

Obama told the union meeting: "We all love Rocky. But we've got to remember - Rocky fought hard, but he lost"


susan marie said...

RIGHT!!! And lost to an African-American with a 3 syllable name, that ended with a vowel: "Apollo". Apollo, Obama: "that rhymes, but does not only rhyme" to borrow the words of the great philosopher Nietzsche.

Charles "Alpha Lackey" Mousseau said...

I hadn't even gotten that far; thanks for the pointer. In fat, maybe there's a way to tie in Rocky's crusty old "I once was great!" manager to Hilary's crusty old "I once was a President!" manager.

Seriously though.. Hilary left herself so wide open with that fungo and Obama either A> didn't notice or B> wanted to be above it.

Robert Vollman said...

If we follow the "Hillary is Rocky" analogy, that means she'll win the re-match in 2012. And then lose a guy with a mohawk in 2016. And then some Russian will actually kill Obama in 2020.

Hm. Maybe I'm following it too far.