Thursday, September 4, 2008

China Arnold escapes the death penalty.

"Microwave Killer" Mom spared death penalty.

What do you know, another woman commits another horrid act of disgusting infanticide and escapes the death penalty. The only reason I even mention this vile, putrid individuals gender is for one simple reason: invert it, and "he's" off to the gallows before you can turn 'round.

As of Victor L. Streib's #62 issue of "Death Penalty for Female Offenders," women in the modern era through to December 2007 have accounted for 10% of murder arrests, yet only 2% of death sentences, 1.5% of people on death row and 1.0% of actual executions. For the same crime, men are 5x likelier to get the death penalty and 10x likelier to actually be executed.

But of course, there exists no cases whatsoever of institutionalized pro-woman (and in the case of zero-sum situations, anti-male) biases in our society whatsoever. No, no, none at all.

Yet, consider the counterpoint.

Imagine if females represented 10% of applicants for a certain job and only got 1% of the positions.

Imagine if females represented 10% of a Fortune 500 Company's working roster but only 1% of its executives.

You get the idea.


Anonymous said...

Only God has the right to take life away, killing does not justify another's death. Sadly there was no evidence that China was the actual person to put the child in the microwave, but there was a 5 yr old witness who claimed seing another child do it. I think she should be responsible for negeting the baby, being drunk with children is ridiculous. I don't know maybe she was so drunk she did it by mistake. It could have been she went crazy or suffered from a deep depressed state. Or possible someone else really did it, and she was too drunk to realise or passed out. China does have 3 smart healthy children and she did attempt to save her child. Hospital works stated she was shocked to even here the baby was microwaved. I do not find the death penalty justified in any case. But i do believe she should be punished for neglect because her drunken state caused the baby's safety to be compromised. If she would not have been drunk, it never would have happened.

Blog Chick said...

Well, at least we aren't in the UK

"Last month I wrote about the tragic case of China Arnold. As I remarked, in UK law the mother in such a tragic case would probably not even be charged with murder. It is not humane or realistic to charge mothers with capital crimes for killing their infant so soon after the birth of the infant, and UK law provides a specific partial defence against such a charge, effectively translating it to a manslaughter charge. I think this is a very humane and sensible law.'

I disagree totally, and am a mother no less.

PS - Update your blog someyear.