Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The least excited I've been while waiting to go to Vegas.

Current location: Denver International Airport, waiting for connector.

It's funny, I'm a couple hours from Vegas, and I should be over the moon. But I'm not.

It's not just because the primary purpose of this trip is business. I have a hunch that even though I'm going to be busy for most of the time doing work, meeting with clients and what not, the actual convention itself is going to be a wonderful good time. Imagine a giant science fair with every exhibit replaced by a new casino game. All those people who have dreams, have need of a mathematician, and have money. Good times.

The recreation part, however, just doesn't seem as awesome as it used to. Dealers in Vegas tip hustle like there's no tomorrow. Cabbies long-haul as a matter of tradition.

Of course, the weather will be nice, and the cheap alcohol is a nice plus. I can't argue with the notion of a casino willing to give wheelchair service to people who pass out at the dice tables!

It's funny though.. as far as just the actual 'getting some time to gamble', that's about the last reason I'd go to Vegas.

Now, getting to Washington to watch the Super Bowl in the Moose and play some cards.. now *that's* something I'm looking forward to!

For now, it's off to gate 20 and pray there's empty seats so I don't have to look in the dejected eyes of the person sitting next to me when they look at me and realize that, sadly, they've lost the "no fatties in my row, damnit!" lottery.

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Robert Vollman said...

Wow, depending on the exact time you wrote this, we were in the same airport at the same time.