Monday, March 3, 2008

Conversational math strikes again.

Now, the standard example of "conversational math run amok" runs along the lines of "turning something around 360 degrees" having any change value whatsoever. For instance, we have Jason Kidd (the basketball player, not the old Flames' goalie) proclaiming, upon being drafted, that he "wanted to turn his new team around 360 degrees", or late-and-great wrestling commentator Gorilla Monsoon repeatedly describing the action in a match by saying "the pendulum had swung around 360 degrees" after the momentum had just changed.

For the record, Jesse "The Body" Ventura did once correct Gorilla about that, basically reminding Gorilla that, for the momentum to have changed direction, the pendulum would only have swung 180 degrees, and 360 degrees would just have it going the exact same direction. I have no idea about ALL of the cosmic repercussions of that discussion, but I can tell you that Monsoon is now deceased while Ventura is now governor of Minnesota. Just sayin'...

Anyways. Tonight's hockey game on TSN featured Washington and Boston. The commentators talked about how Boston goalie Tim Thomas felt that the Bruins' recent winning streak wasn't a case of Boston overachieving, just a case of "Boston playing to their full potential, and then some".

Uh huh.

I have no idea about ALL of the cosmic reprecussions of that discussion, but I can tell you that Tim Thomas got chased early in the game for basically playing like a pud, and Boston went down 6-0 in the first period and are down 7-1 midway as I type this. Just sayin'...

UPDATE: with 3:27 left in the 2nd Period, the Capitals are now up 8-1. On a goal by Donald Motherfarking Brashear.

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