Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hard knock life for the win?

Just watched my first episode of this show in my hotel room here in wonderful Montreal, QC. In this episode, they have picked out a man serving in Iraq that had to leave his half-built home in ruins, his wife is at home with his autistic child, etc. etc.

They demolished the half-built house that was in ruins. Rebuilt the house. Took up a collection of Civil War artifacts for his house, had the mortgage paid off, and everything.

Next episode was some crazy Oprah episode where she had to pick some people blah blah blah.. bottom line, the audition tapes were filled with the saddest hard-luck cases you ever heard.

Please don't get me wrong, I think that it is very nice that shows like this are giving to people who need it.. but the way that these people on the audition tapes talk about their hard luck in life, and why it should let them win.. I don't know, the whole thing just rubs me the wrong way. Exploitation of the worst kind. To make people use their bad breaks in life as a "quick escape".

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Robert Vollman said...

I've always been puzzled why poverty is worthy of reward.

I probably said that wrong. We should definitely help the less fortunate, but sometimes it seems like they're somehow entitled to the help, or the help is some kind of reward.

Fortunately I've never been poor. But if I were, I bet I'd rather have a job, or some training, or even just some encouragement as opposed to something material. You know, be given the means to improve my situation myself rather than having it improved for me. But I don't know, I'm just speculating with no experience on the matter.