Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Apparently I'm a senior citizen.

Spent some time at the insurance adjustor's office today. What I thought was an open-and-shut claim when a car crossed lanes to smack square into me was, apparently, being disputed. I'll spare you the gory details but suffice it to say his version of the story is so far removed from reality that any detail which actually was accurate was strictly by accident. It literally does appear like his strategy was to lie about every conceivable detail in the hopes that the resulting confusion would result in a matter/anti-matter kind of explosion.

He even went as far as to describe me as a "senior citizen". I kid you not.

Now this dude is in his fifties, yet because I have a few gray hairs, I'm a senior?

I'm amazed that he actually told his adjustor that I was driving a motor car (or as us seniors call them, 'horseless carriages'), truth be told. Apparently he forgot to mention that I was, in fact, piloting my hovercraft dangerously close to the surface of Sargent Ave. Perhaps a military-grade weather balloon?

So, despite the fact that I have given a very, very comprehensive statement, and he can't even get my general age demographic correct, there's a very real chance that this will be a 50-50 fault and I'll be out several hundred dollars.

I did try and take a camera picture with my cell phone, however, with the weather being nearly 40 degrees below, the lens fogged immediately on my taking the phone out of the car. I got some big speech about how "I didn't need to take a picture", etc. Frankly, the only reason I reneged is because we were done all the work and I didn't know how long I had the right to retain him afterwards. And besides, he seemed congenial enough, like one would expect from a senior citizen. An actual one, mind you.

Bottom line is - if ever I am in this situation first, the camera comes out first, plain and simple. And it stays out until the incident is documented to my satisfaction.

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Robert Vollman said...

Kids today! No respect!