Friday, February 29, 2008

Pirates, zombies and Al Bundy.

First and foremost, Happy Birthday, Frederic!

.. and, in a shameless plug to the "Alpha Lackey glory days", it was four years ago that a "Continuing Adventures of Alpha Lackey" article used this legendary "Leap Year plot twist" in an article on the "letter of the law", or what gamers call "beardy rules". I'm quite proud of it, of course, but that's because I'm a helpless narcissist.

At any rate...

last night, I was watching the special features of Resident Evil: Apocalypse, and it was discovered that one of the recurring jokes that they cut involved one of the characters (the black guy that winds up being bitten by a zombie) being a women's shoe salesman.

Now, if you watched any TV in the 80s, you know There Can Be Only One hapless woman's shoe salesman, and that is Al Bundy.

As a result, hearing the reference to a hapless women's shoe salesman in a zombie movie immediately popped the following in my head:

"Well Peg, a fat zombie walked into the shoe store today. She said 'blrgg rrggr arrgrgrgragh', and I said, 'Well, much like an elevator, they have a two ton weight limit."

Poor Al...


Robert Vollman said...

Win if you can,
Lose if you must,
But always cheat.
- Jesse the Body Ventura

Charles "Alpha Lackey" Mousseau. said...

Will you be serious!? - Gorilla Monsoon

Robert Vollman said...

Ok in seriousness the simple rule is not to play any game with jerks.

If you actually need to have a discussion about what is cheating and what isn't, it's probably best to find another crowd.

I played at the World Diplomacy Championships last summer. People flew in from all over the world, and some were overly competitive until one guy said this:

"Do you realise that no one outside this room, excluding possibly our wives, cares in the slightest who wins and who loses?"

Relax. Games are called games for a reason. Because they're games.